10 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Company Website

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When was the last time you gave your company website a serious overhaul? One, two, five years? How can a company tell if now’s the right time to change both the functionality and aesthetics of their online presence?

If you’re worried that your  website design is getting left in the dust, now’s the perfect time to plan a complete overhaul of your online brand. The following are ten sure fire signs that your website is in need of a little TLC.

10) Its Unresponsive

If your current website isn’t designed for easy mobile viewing, drop what you’re doing and give us a call. People (i.e. customers) now use a wide range of devices in order to access the web and place online orders. Responsive website design practices ensure that your website is easy to read and navigate, regardless of what kind of device is being used to access it.

9) It Takes Forever to Load

Slow load times are the kiss of death for modern websites. If your site takes longer than four or five seconds to load, good luck getting a visitor to stick around and wait. A redesigned and fully optimized website will help reduce load times and ensure fast, efficient information retrieval.

8) Its Impossible to Update

Your London, Ontario company website needs to be kept up-to-date with current information. If your current design makes adding new content impossible, guess what? It’s time for an overhaul. Redesign your company website to utilize a content management system in order to streamline the management of any online information updates.

7) It Has Useless Features

As a website design matures, it often becomes apparent that certain features or tools are no longer relevant (*cough* flash intro pages *cough*). If you can’t remove these useless features alone, a full website redesign may be necessary.

6) Your Bounce Rate is Bruuuu-tal
Take a close look at your website analytics. Are visitors spending a fair amount of time on your site, or are they only sticking around for a few seconds? Do they navigate their way deeper into your site, or do they leave your homepage as soon as they arrive? If you’re losing visitors left, right and center, that’s a good sign that your homepage needs a facelift. Talk with ZOO Media Group to see how you can improve your site’s performance.

5) Your Brand Has Changed

Your company is a living, breathing entity. As such, it’s going to change over time. This could mean an updated logo, a revised mission statement, or a new product line. When these sorts of changes happen, they ultimately impact your brand, which in turn will impact the way in which you market yourself, especially on your website.

4) Search Engines Can’t Find You

If nobody can find your site on Google or Bing, is there really any point in having a website at all? If your site hasn’t been properly optimized with meta data, creative content, and properly formatted code, chances are you’re just wasting your time. Start from scratch and have a professional website designer create a fully functional website that search engines can crawl and index with easy.

3) The Copyright in Your Footer is from 2007

Believe it or not, this is a huge red flag for visitors. Sure, you can update it to read 2013, but is that really the best solution? If your site honestly hasn’t been updated in six years, it’s time to face the facts and invest in an overhaul.

2) You Haven’t Integrated Your Social Profiles With Your Website

Cross promotion is a powerful marketing tool. If you’re actively engaged on social networks (and you should be!) make sure that this is reflected on your website. Include links out to your various profiles and be sure to share your website content with followers on these platforms regularly.

1) You Have a Visible Hit Counter

Newsflash: it’s no longer 1997. It’s time to retire the hit counter for good and update your online presence.

Bring your website up to speed with a professional redesign from ZOO Media Group. Contact our office today to discuss design options or head over to our website to request a free quote.