6 Web Design Trends For 2018 To Help Your Business Stand Out

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2018 Web Design Trends

Your website is a vital part of your business and it’s often your first touch point with customers. Web design trends can shift quickly with advances in technology, so web designers strive to marry attractive design with user-friendly functionality. Maybe 2018 is the year to take advantage of new technology and design trends to make your online presence both friendlier and easier to manage!

Mobile-Friendly Design Is A Must!

comScore reported that in 2017 online mobile usage in Canada reached 62% – surpassing desktop, especially among the coveted under 54 age category. Watch for mobile responsive design to further drive trends in 2018 as more and more Canadian businesses try to get ahead of this shift which has reached more than 70% in the United States, Mexico, China and Indonesia. Navigation menus need to become easier to use for one-handed mobile web visitors. Expect to see more integration of voice search, geolocation, conversation bots and other advances in technology as users become even more connected to the web.

More Flexible User Interaction With Content

Fresh and relevant content will continue to be a major source of traffic and lead generation in 2018, but website visitors are seeking more flexibility, less friction, and simplified interactions. A trend through 2017 was minimalist uncluttered designs utilizing effective white space which is expected to continue. We saw a growing interest in 2017 for personalized content through website integration with various messenger channels and chat bots and that’s expected to continue through 2018.

Shifting Away From Stock Imagery

Stock image use continues to be popular in design and content strategies, but more and more companies are looking to stand out from the crowd. Illustrations are a growing trend we expect to see more of in 2018. Illustrations allow you to focus on a gender or age group more generically. With stock photos, an actual human being becomes the face of your product, which leaves room to exclude potential customers. But with illustrations – both custom and stock, specifiers like race, gender, and nationality can be less defined giving the image and product wider appeal. Illustrations can be tailored to your brand, have more personality, and introduce an element of fun.

More Use Of 360-degree Views, 3D Images, Looping Video and Cinemographs

As 360-degree videos, looping videos, 3D images and cinemographs became more widely available and used on major social media channels in 2017, web developers have been eager to incorporate these elements in websites. With the ability to use file formats that are scalable and don’t adversely affect page load times, these visual elements are effective on mobile platforms and help your brand stand out in a sea of static imagery.

Social Media Design Trends Spill Over

Throughout 2017, the big social players focused on rounded corners for input boxes, avatar profiles and cleaner design. Gradients in solid colours or over a photo made a comeback among big players such as Apple. These subtle elements will continue to spill over into website design in 2018 along with shading and shadows on icons and buttons. These all add a simple yet stylish element to make your website stand out and look sleek and sophisticated.

Lines, Patterns, Geometric Shapes and Asymmetrical Designs

These aren’t new trends by any means. We first saw these begin to pop up in 2016, but they maintained popularity throughout 2017 with bigger companies willing to be more out-of-the-box with their web design including using bold colours and irregular shapes. These changes will continue to be popular throughout 2018. Designers will take advantage of more flexible html to make use of unconventional ‘broken’ layouts to create something unique and distinctive to help brands stand out.

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