Meet the Management Team

Chris and Sandra Dugas are your guides through the creative and strategic planning process, drawing on a combined 50 years of experience in marketing, design and project management. Bringing a high-energy and enthusiastic approach to every job, working with the ZOO keepers means you can achieve all your goals while having fun along the way. You can rest assured your project and budget are in excellent hands.

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Our exceptional team is the difference.

The ZOO team is comprised of  highly skilled, senior-level graphic designers, copywriters, programmers and marketing professionals. We’re on this team because each of us has a history of success in marketing and communications and because we have a shared commitment to excellence. Nobody at ZOO is just putting in time because he or she is tied to a desk. If we’re working on your project, it’s because we have experience in your specific industry and we’re excited about what you are doing.

The great thing about our team is that we’re good at becoming part of your team. We have all spent time in that big, unpredictable marketing jungle and we are all senior level web development, graphic design or marketing professionals. We know how to adapt and to thrive in new environments, so you can count on our ability to understand and effectively implement your company’s unique goals and objectives. We work with a broad range of clients and truly appreciate that a tailored approach is required to market their individual businesses.