Amazingly Creative Short Film

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One of the things we are most excited about at ZOO Media Group is the fact that we have been able to expand our service offerings to include video production. As huge movie buffs, getting involved in concept creation, script writing, storyboarding and filming has been like a dream come true. And being able to offer this service to help our clients forge new territory and grow their businesses has been very rewarding.


While having a gigantic Hollywood blockbuster-sized budget would be fun, the reality is that most companies need to create an engaging and impactful video presentation on a considerably smaller budget. The scribing videos produced by ZOO Media Group are a good example of how you can communicate your message in a fun and interesting way – without spending huge amounts of money.

With this in mind, I’m always on the look out for short films created on a small budget using wildly creative techniques. Can’t think of a better example than this western-comic inspired short film titled Malaria from Los Angeles-based director Edson Oda. In a word – WOW.


Combining various creative techniques like origami, kirigami, time lapse, napkin illustration and comic book art, this films does an amazing job of telling a rich and vivid story in a visually stunning way. Bravo! For now, back to the cage.