Art is Food for the Soul

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Like most parents, when we first decided to have a child of our own, we weren’t particular about our baby being a boy or a girl. We just hoped he or she would be healthy.


And be good on airplanes so we could still travel the world, and not have a fussy palate so we could continue to indulge in Thai, Indian and Japanese food. And perhaps be academically and athletically inclined with an excellent sense of humour and have a love for foreign films.


Seriously though, one thing we really hoped our child would share with us is a love for art. Whether its creative writing, painting, sculpture or photography – any activity that challenges a person’s creativity is wonderful tonic for the mind, heart and soul. And luckily for us, our daughter at the tender age of 6 shares our passion.


As a proud London resident, I always like to spread the word about outstanding businesses and organizations in our city. One such gem is the Art Gallery of Lambeth and the wonderful courses they offer for budding artists, both young and old. Our daughter has attended several classes as well as summer camps over the years and always has an excellent time while creating some pretty impressive artwork. Here are a couple of her recent creations.

This piece is one of my favorites. Interesting concept for the development of this painting. The story Fox in the Boat was told while the children received guidance on creating the imagery. In this program, the kids learn to create a painting using the step-by-step method as well as incorporating the art of storytelling. This interactive approach to art integrates the literary and the visual arts to create a painting while promoting imagination. Brilliant.

This second piece takes inspiration from the work of one of our favorite artists, Gustav Klimt. Based on his Tree of Life masterpiece, this painting called the Button Tree is an excellent example of mixed media, just bursting with colours and textures. Love the creativity.


So if you or your children could use a little food for the soul, check out the Art Gallery of Lambeth and their upcoming art classes. Their space was recently renovated and is very conducive to getting those creative juices flowing. Artists and curators Brenda and Vivian and all the instructors and really nice people too. For now, back to the cage.