Beach Art

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One of the things I love most about visiting a tropical destination is the opportunity to explore the beach. Whether snorkeling or simply strolling along miles of sandy shoreline, there are always interesting things to discover along the way.


The following magazine ad for the Science Museum of Virginia captures this concept perfectly. Featuring an incredible image by artist and photographer Jeff Glotzl, the caption reads Question your world. And its that exact inquisitive nature and boundless creativity that most great artist possess that pushes them to explore new ideas, concepts and mediums.

Staying with this theme, Ukranian artist Svetlana Ivanchenko has created several stunning mosaics using the bounty of materials provided by the ocean. Items like sand, shells and pebbles from the beach are transformed into detailed portraits rich with colour and texture.


Her highly organic artwork has been exhibited in international galleries and many of them reside in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Estonia and quite appropriately – the Dominican Republic. For now, back to the cage.