BIG Ideas for Small Business Marketing Part 2

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Ideas for Small Business Marketing

Last week we outlined 11 small budget marketing ideas that can help businesses make big waves without spending big money. This week, we’re going to continue that theme with more small business marketing strategies to help your business roar! Marketing strategies can get a little wild, but it’s the wild ideas that often work. ZOO Media Group’s small budget marketing ideas can get your business to soar ahead of competition, and attract a whole jungle of new clientele!

Fly around town

Last week, we showed you multiple ways to improve your online presence. Now it’s time to go old school. As the saying goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The same is true of small budget marketing ideas. Flyers are time tested and proven to be effective in gaining an audience for your business. Design an eye-grabbing flyer and post it around town on mailboxes, doors, windshields, and light posts. When it comes to an engaging flyer, use a small amount of copy with a vibrant design, and your audience won’t be able to resist checking it out. Inexpensive guerrilla marketing techniques like this can sometimes produce a significant response.

Give your flyer wings

To gain added exposure with this marketing strategy, let your flyer spread its wings! Post your flyer at events, in conference bags for attendees, and place them on community boards to reach an even larger audience. Avoid restricting your flyers to the 10-mile radius around your business or home. If you don’t want to take the time to post the flyers yourself, consider using Canada Post for unaddressed admail to targeted neighbourhoods if your budget permits.

Digitize your flyer

While your flyer is growing legs in the real world, create a digitized flyer for your online followers. Build up an email database of prospect contacts and current customers. Once compiled, you can create an e-newsletter for your readers. Include news, insider info, and special offers and coupons to show your customers you appreciate their continued loyalty. E-blasts allow you to reach outside the geographical confines of your area and into the wilderness beyond! But be sure to get consent and abide by Canada’s anti-spam legislation.

Create a charitable reputation

Donating to charity is one of those win-win marketing strategies. You can build a positive reputation in the community, and can feel great about it too! Donating your products or services as an auction item for charitable events and foundations also boosts the visibility of your business. Attending these events can also provide an excellent networking opportunity to meet other community-minded business owners in your area.

Advertise in classifieds

Classifieds aren’t just for newspapers anymore. With the advent of the Internet came a new way to digitize small business marketing. Whole websites now exist that are devoted solely to classifieds. You’ve certainly heard of a few – Kijiji and Craigslist, for instance. Post free ads for your products and services and gain added exposure.

Find allies in the jungle

Partnerships have benefits. Find businesses that are similar in concept or in your field of expertise and partner with them. Create alliances in the city so that when locals are looking for services, partner businesses can recommend you.

Bring back bartering

How solid are your prices? Can they be flexible? The more flexible your prices are, the more potential you have to close the deal. And if you’re willing to barter or even trade with your customers and potential clients, this can help you get your products and services out there.

Call the press

Are you having an open house? Doing any renovations? Maybe you’re having a big sale? Write to the press. Press releases are another great small budget marketing idea that is often neglected as old fashioned or irrelevant. This could not be further from the truth. Press releases can be published both online and offline. When you write a press release for your business, you can create a buzz and also control the publicity surrounding your company.

Organize a hang out

Get social with potential clients and existing customers as well as other local businesses. Organize a networking hang out to let business owners and clients get to know your products or services a little better while building new contacts in the community. This could be online, or in person at your business or a local watering hole.

Exchange links

With so much of small business marketing going online, it’s time to create allies via the web. Share links from your website and social media properties with other businesses in your community. Link building is a tried and true SEO strategy. There is power in numbers!

Publish a free report

Just like press releases, developing free reports are one of those marketing strategies that can help you control how your business is viewed online. Publish a free online report or white paper to build your company credibility and to inform prospects about your industry, company history and what makes you unique.

Create a wild small business marketing scheme that helps get your business on the map! Small budget marketing ideas from ZOO Media Group can help brighten the future for your business. Watch for the last installment in our small budget marketing ideas series next week!