BIG Ideas for Small Business Marketing

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You want to stand out to your customers as King of the Jungle, the Mighty Duck or the Proud Peacock with the brightest plumage, but you’re a small business with an even smaller marketing budget. How can you grab BIG attention without spending big money? ZOO Media Group is all about helping your business become the Top Dog. Our business branding strategies and small budget marketing ideas are designed to help you compete with King Kong corporations. At the end of this 3 part article series, your small business marketing can have a mighty roar!

Become a blogger

If you want to rule the small business marketing jungle, add good content on your site. Content is King in a world where properly optimized articles contribute to website hits. Blogs allow you to show off your expertise, to promote your products and promotions, and to relay industry news while using effective search engine optimization techniques.

Be consistent and relevant! Blog posts sporadically throughout the month detailing your last vacation won’t bring readers to your website (at least not the ones you really want). Post weekly about engaging, interesting, and relevant content with searchable titles, and you’ll quickly find your website hits rising. Also include a comment area and respond to readers’ comments. Try commenting on other blogs too. And interact with bloggers in your field, show them your expertise, and grow your network by sharing interesting and relevant articles.

Find your forum

Find relevant forums on Google and get involved. Discuss and network with fellow industry professionals. But avoid spamming the forum! A frequent insightful discussion is the goal – not postings about semi-relevant articles or off-topic content.

The pluses of Google+

Take advantage of the Internet and small business branding strategies with Google+. Add links to your new blog, upload photos, and include all the information any customer would need to know about your business. Google+ is a great vehicle to get your word out.

Cash in creative cards

How creative is your business card really? Just like in the animal world – to attract customers, you need eye-catching plumage. You need to get particularly creative when finding small budget marketing ideas, so it’s important that you design a unique and memorable business card. How well does your card represent your business? Will it standout? Do you want to include a coupon? And always remember to carry your business cards with you and give them out generously.

Appreciation is KING

Customer service isn’t just about attracting clients – it’s about earning their loyalty, respect, and ongoing business. Improve efficiency and friendliness, and you’ll quickly find new customers coming your way. And while you are bringing in new clientele, show your previous customers that they’re just as important to you! Show appreciation with regular contact using thank you cards, email marketing and loyalty programs.

Sign off in style

Signing off an e-mail or e-newsletter isn’t the same as signing off on the annual family Christmas card with a picture of the kids on the front. When it comes to small business marketing, it’s all about the fine details. Create an email signature with your name, position, contact information, and a bit about your business – a brief list of your products or services is a good idea too.

Embrace Social Media

Social networking is a great way to expose your business to a wider audience. It’s okay if you don’t have Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn in your personal life, but for your business to compete with the other fish in the sea, it should have a comprehensive, frequent social media presence. Make sure your social networking content is relevant, branded, and professional. And remember to include share links on your blog and website posts to increase potential visibility.

Have a personal presence

Networking doesn’t just happen online. Meet other experts in your field at events and trade shows or try to find opportunities to speak at conferences. And don’t forget to bring your business cards!

Reward your customers

Who doesn’t love a rewards program? If customers have to choose between your business and another, they’re much more likely to go for the one that offers the most benefits. So developing a well branded and engaging rewards program can produce big dividends.

Article marketing

People love an expert. And what better way to show your expertise than through writing good articles on relevant and up to date topics? Try to get published in trade journals, industry websites, or other relevant printed and online publications. And ask for a link to your website or blog too.

Access review sites and portals

One of the best ways to boost your online presence is through other websites. Include your business on review sites like Trip Advisor,, Yelp, and others. Next, find local business portals to add your business to. This type of link building strategy is a must for new businesses and websites.

With these marketing and branding strategies from ZOO Media Group, you will be well on your way to effectively marketing your business – without breaking the bank. Stay tuned for future posts on small budget marketing ideas to help separate you and your business from the pack.