Bounce Rates: The #1 Reason Why No One Browses Your Website

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Designing and developing websites in this day and age involves more than a little bit of code and an eye for aesthetics. In today’s hyper competitive marketplace, London, Ontario website designers need to know how to craft websites that convert.

Whether it’s building a mailing list or selling a product, well constructed websites can lower bounce rates by making it quick and easy for online visitors to navigate your site and find what they’re looking for… regardless of how they’re viewing your content. According to a recent report from public relations firm Walker Sands, mobile devices accounted for 28 percent of total website traffic in Q3 this past year. That’s a 67 percent increase from the same time the previous year.

“But my customers don’t use mobile phones to visit my website.”

Wanna bet? A quick look at your website analytics will probably change your mind. Not only do companies underestimate the number of people who access their website via a phone or tablet device, few stop to think about how their current website might be keeping mobile customers away.

Think about it. If you’re browsing the web on your smartphone and come across an unresponsive website, chances are good you immediately surf away in search of a more user-friendly property… potentially never to return again. This is known as a bounce. Of course customers aren’t going to visit your website on their mobile device if the resulting experience stinks.

Remember in Field of Dreams, when The Voice tells Ray, “If you build it, they will come”? That may be true when talking ball parks, but if your website performs poorly on mobile devices, you don’t have a hope in heaven of getting people to stick around. However, if potential clients find it easy to navigate your website on their iPad or smartphone, BINGO! – the chances of them navigating deeper into your site increases exponentially.

It’s Not Just About Phones

Website designers often focus on the mobile benefits of responsive design. Which makes sense, considering how dominant smartphones are nowadays. That being said, responsive website design also helps improve the usability of a website on a desktop monitor. This is because a responsive website adapts to screens of all sizes – both big and small. As such, responsive design enables website developers to effectively present a layout for today’s larger and panoramic desktop screens, as well as more compact mobile and table devices.

Beyond the Bounce

Responsive website design won’t just help with your bounce rate; it will also help solve a myriad of other problems that may be an issue on your site. For example, a responsive website design works wonders when it’s paired with a content management system. Responsive design is to CMS what Robin is to Batman – a dependable sidekick who’s guaranteed to be there when things get messy.

With a content management system, users can update their website on their own, without having to rely on a costly web developer charges. When it’s tied into a responsive design, you never have to worry that your photos will look funny or be misaligned with the layout. Responsive web design handles all of these details, creating a look and feel that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Responsive website design also helps to update the visual appeal of your website and your online brand, bringing a modern feel to your message. If you want potential customers to think that you’re a hip, engaged company, you can’t go about marketing yourself with an ancient and antiquated website. By pairing a responsive design with modern aesthetics, you’ll effectively kill two birds with one stone, providing your clients with improved usability and clearer and more dynamic branding.

Our job as London, Ontario website design professionals is to solve problems for our clients. This includes tackling the issues that you might not even be aware of yet. With responsive website design, our experienced web development experts can help enhance the online experience for your users, while improving aesthetics and driving higher conversion rates.

So what are you waiting for? Start 2014 off right with a fully responsive website design compliments of the web pros at ZOO Media Group. Call and request a free consultation and website review now!