Creating a Great Brand Experience

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In most industries, whether it’s a business to consumer or business to business operation, there is a great deal of competition out there. So what separates one company from another when it comes to attracting and retaining customers?


Here’s a little case study featuring a local London, Ontario business to help illustrate some of the key ingredients that should be part of a great brand experience. And no, we do not have any financial stock in the success of this restaurant, but truth be told – we do have somewhat of a vested interest. We love their food, and want to ensure they are part of the London culinary community for a very long time!


As a number of our blog posts attest to, we are big sushi fans. And we really enjoy the unique and tasty creations that only TAHHH Sushi can deliver. But great tasting sushi aside, there is so much more that makes this restaurant a personal favorite of ours. Here are a few characteristics that every business should adopt to create a positive and lasting brand experience.


1. Get to know your customers on a first name basis and show genuine enthusiasm when you interact with them. They say the sweetest sound to every person’s ear is the sound of their own name. Nothing makes a customer feel like a VIP than being greeted by name. And remembering things like birthdays, anniversaries and special preferences for your customers is a big plus.


2. And speaking of special preferences, one of the things we love about TAHHH Sushi is their willingness to customize their sushi offerings to your own personal tastes. We frequently ask for little alterations here and there and the guys are always willing to try pretty much anything. That in itself makes for a special customer experience. Going above and beyond to satisfy a customer request speaks volumes. Check out the image of the monster spicy salmon roll made to our personal specifications – awesome!


3. In our online and social media driven society, this is one area that many businesses need to step up their game. Not acknowledging positive comments online or missing an opportunity to interact with customers in social media forums is just plain unacceptable. Having a solid web presence and being active in social media is crucial to strengthening a brand and its reach. TAHHH Sushi does an excellent job in this regard.


4. Finally, the first three items in this list have to take a back seat to the most important ingredient for brand experience success – the quality and value of your product or service offering. No matter how great a company treats its customers, if your product or service is sub par, you might as well pack it in. Having an outstanding product takes hard work and some trial and error to get it right. So don’t cut corners when it comes to quality and value, because no amount of promotion and customer care can salvage long term success for a crappy product or service. Needless to say in our humble opinion, the product at TAHHH Sushi is top shelf. For now, back to the cage.