Creative Inspiration for Marketing and Web Design

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Creative advertising ideas are not just about choosing an ad with the boldest, loudest, and most eye-popping visual effects. Sometimes for an advertisement to be creative, it has to really make an impression and push the boundaries a little bit. Before the Internet age, the most creativity seen in an advert was the use of risque words and adding striking images to catch readers’ attention. With the addition of computer technology, some pretty entertaining elements are possible for your next online marketing campaign or web development project.


Here are a few examples of simple concepts that went viral:


Man in the Dark


This popular and for some reason, creepy animation gives incredible control over, well…the flying man. Even with just a slight movement of the mouse, you can make him do some pretty cool acrobatics. So if you’re making a game or an animation people can control, ask yourself how you can program it so that even a small movement can produce engaging results.


Singing Horses


There are so many principles behind the popularity of this viral flash video, but most important is the fact that you never know what comes next. When the horses open their mouths, you might expect to hear something awful. But these horses can sing; and they can actually sing in harmony! Timing is everything. Annoying, yes. But still kind of fun.


Live Quotes


In general, too much text doesn’t work. But if you combine text with something insightful like quotes or short jokes, you should have a good probability that most people are going to like it. Look no further than Twitter to see how sharing quotes is so wildly popular.


There truly are a lot of ways in which you can find inspiration for your next web design or marketing project. Try to be original and bring something new to the table. However, if you are out of ideas, maybe these examples will help get the creative juices flowing. Man, can’t get those singing horses out of my head. For now, back to the cage.