Cult Movie Covers for Comic-Con

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If there is one event I absolutely have to attend before I die, its Comic-Con in San Diego. For a sci-fi, movie, graphic design and of course, comic book lover like me, Comic-Con is the undisputed Mecca for all cool things related to comics (no…that’s not an oxymoron).

Comic-Con has morphed from a simple comic book convention that debuted in 1970, to a four day spectacle (starting tomorrow btw) that brings together comic book creators, science fiction and fantasy authors, film and television directors, actors, producers, and writers, and pioneers from all aspects of media and popular arts. Fans flock there from all over the world to celebrate and share their love for comics and to explore some 460,000 square feet of displays, art shows, workshops, special film screenings and all sorts of geeky goodness. What’s not to like!

To help honour and kick-off Comic-Con 2013, 20th Century Fox released a selection of very cool redesigned covers for some of their cult movie classics on Blu-ray. Lots of my personal favorites are featured here like The Fly, Donnie Darko, Fight Club and The Day The Earth Stood Still. Love the clean and simple style. These covers prove once again that when it comes to graphic design, less is indeed more. Enjoy!

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