Digital Photography and Graphic Design

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A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. But just imagine if there was a way to make your photos communicate an even richer and more engaging story? Sounds like a pretty tall order for a simple picture. Thankfully, the modern world of digital photography and graphic design has done wonders for the photography industry, turning regular images into dazzling showcases of colour, texture, and intrigue. “A digitally enhanced photograph can do more than capture a simple moment in time,” remarks Chris Dugas, Partner and Production & Planning Director at ZOO Media Group. “It can create a bold new world of expression, challenge traditional belief systems, and push the limits of our collective imaginations.”

Media can amaze

Has a photo ever taken your breath away? Elicited strong emotions and left you feeling like you’ve seen something more than a simple photograph? Chances are you’ve been looking at a digitally enhanced image. Whether the image is black and white or a high resolution colour shot, digital enhancements can transform the way people react and respond to a picture. The popularity of altered and enhanced images is quickly spreading, creating a revolution in display media, website design, and print advertising.

Photo manipulation through the age

While today’s advanced digital manipulation of photos is a relatively new phenomenon, photo tampering itself has a long and storied history. Photo manipulation dates back to the mid-1800s, just a few decades after Joseph Nicephore Niepce created the world’s first photographic image using a camera obscura. Photos are altered for a variety of reasons. Stalin was known to airbrush enemies out of photographs, while Mussolini often altered images to make himself appear more substantial and powerful looking. Today, businesses use photo manipulation much in the same manner – to create a visual representation of their brand’s desired public image, values and perceived worth.

There’s more to a photograph than meets the eye

Digitally enhanced photographs are becoming more and more important in today’s ultra competitive marketing and advertising industries. Competition for consumer attention is fierce. Is your business using this potentially groundbreaking art form to your best advantage? Here are just a few of the creative approaches graphic designers can take when digitally manipulating a photograph:

* 3D Modeling: A talented graphic designer can now generate a 3D model using a collection of standard photographs. The resulting image can be viewed from various angles which can provide the client with creatively dynamic product images for their marketing materials.

* Detailed Retouching: The magazine industry is famous for retouching photographs using digital technology and graphic design software. Whether it’s to remove an unsightly flaw, or enhance a certain feature, photo retouching is an extremely powerful tool.

* Enhanced Effects: While some photo manipulations are used in order to make the subject of a photo look more natural (red-eye reduction is an example), other changes are implemented to achieve the exact opposite effect. Digital manipulation can also be used to add an artistic or surreal effect to a photograph, combining numerous colours, textures, images and graphics into one finished product.

When used effectively, combining digital photography and graphic design together creates an extremely powerful tool for the advertising industry. Contact the graphic design experts at ZOO Media Group today to make ordinary images extraordinary for your next marketing project.