Digital Pill Gets FDA Approval

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Imagine having a pill that you can swallow that will not only tell you if you have taken all your medication or supplements this morning, how many steps you have taken for the day, how many calories you have burned, and what your heart rate and blood pressure is doing. Well, you now you can. Proteus Digital Health has been celebrating following the FDA approval for their ingestible digital pill sensor invention.

The device is only 1 square millimetre and is roughly the size of a grain of coarse salt. It can relay information to you about your inner workings, and if you choose to, it can send the info to your doctor or nurse. The main aim of the device is to overcome people’s forgetful nature, according to Andrew Thompson, the CEO and co-founder of Proteus.


The device works by being embedded into a pill, which you will ingest at the same time as your regular medicine. It will go to work inside you, recording the time you took your dose and various physiological data. It then transmits the information through your skin to a stick-on patch, which in turn sends the data to a mobile phone application and any other Bluetooth enabled devices you authorize. This futuristic product forges new ground in the digital medicine category. For now, back to the cage.

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