Direct Mail Still Makes an Impression

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When it comes to one-to-one targeted marketing, there is still no better tool than direct mail. Those pizza flyers and oil change coupons you get in the mail are money well spent by the people who sent them. They still get results, and represent a great way to increase visibility and name recognition in your market.

The luxury of direct mail is that it allows you to reach a specific target audience, which means you won’t waste time and money approaching the wrong customers. Direct mail also makes it easy to track your results and monitor response to your pitch, a critical benefit that will give you the information you need to streamline your marketing and make it even more effective.

So how do you do direct mail properly? Fundamentally, the successful direct mail piece includes three key elements: a clear message, an attractive promise or benefit, and a compelling call to action. If your goal is to drive attention to your website or get people into your store, tell them why they should make the effort and then give them a reason to do it — a store discount, a gift certificate, entry into a contest, or some other added value. When your customers respond, deliver on your promise and give them even more compelling reasons to come back!