Duckbill Muzzle

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To say our dog Kobe is like a member of the family is a gross understatement. Our love for this special canine is well documented, so it should come as no surprise that he has a few presents under the Christmas tree each year.


Any other dog owners out there (and cat owners for that matter) know that there is no shortage of toys and treats to keep your pet entertained. Luckily for us, with Kobe’s gentle and docile nature, we don’t need the following product – but I still would like to see him wearing one because they look so darn cute!

From none other than the talented and delightfully twisted minds in Japan, pet company OPPO has designed a muzzle that turns your dog into a duck! The protective muzzle shaped like a duckbill transforms your nippy little pooch into the life of the party. This beats the lamp shade on the head bit any day! Behavioural modification through shame at its finest. For now, Happy Holidays and back to the cage.