Fall in Love With Landing Pages

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Thinking about running some awesome online promotions? Then now is definitely the time to give some love to your landing pages and website design. Companies that run a lot of online marketing campaigns need more than great product pages, they need focused, funneled landing pages that have proven conversion clout. And we’re not just talking about your home page here. The effectiveness of different pages deeper within your website are also vital when it comes to getting returns from your campaigns.

Landing Page 2.0

So, just what is a landing page? Technically, any and every page on your website has the potential to be a landing page if it’s been linked to from an external online source. However, designated landing pages are pages on your website that have been created to work in tandem with a marketing campaign in order to achieve a specific goal – normally a lead or sale. It is in this way that landing pages are intended to funnel visitors to a particular marketing outcome or on-page action.

Effective landing pages are the ones that meet their objective. As such, the best way to fall head-over-heels in love with your next landing page design is to spend a good amount of time fine-tuning and defining your end goal. Typical communication objectives include things like:

1. Lead generation – while this doesn’t result in a real-time transactions, it does open the door for further marketing opportunities and B2C interaction.

2. User registration – by collecting user information you have the ability to further qualify a user and deliver more relevant follow-up marketing communications regarding products or services that they might find useful.

3. Communication portal – provide a direct line of communication between you and your potential customer by making it easy for users to connect with a representative from your company.

4. Purchase – the most obvious of objectives, many landing pages are designed to ultimately clinch the sale and convert visitors into buyers.

Three Types of Landing Pages

You’ve got options when it comes to designing a landing page for your marketing campaign. Here at ZOO Media Group, we will often recommend one of three different formats: a landing page that’s integrated into your website’s existing structure and is thus consistent with the look and feel of the site itself; a single landing page with a unique url that’s created specifically for a campaign and thus styled in a unique manner; or a standalone multi-paged microsite that can provide in-depth knowledge on the company, product, services and promotion.

When and how you use these landing pages depends a lot on your objectives. In most cases:

1. Integrated landing pages are the most efficient and cost-effective choice. In fact, every product page on your website can be an integrated landing page. The downside to integrated landing pages is that they don’t always work with specific campaigns, especially paid search engine marketing programs. Since the layout of these pages is often limited by the design of your website, you aren’t always able to customize a smooth funnel to your message, which can cause some potential customers to lose interest and surf away.

2. Separate landing pages can potentially result in higher conversation rates when used as an extension of a paid marketing campaign. An eye-catching customized look and feel will help to deliver an effective brand message and call to action, which is great for keeping potential prospects headed down the sales funnel. On the other hand, these types of landing pages require more effort and maintenance. They also tend to have high bounce rates; bespoke pages often lack support infrastructure and information that some inquisitive buyers need to complete a sale. Simply put, these pages can’t always accommodate buyers who are in the early stages of the buying cycle.

3. Microsites help provide buyers with a bigger picture of the product or services they’re about to purchase. Designed to aid visitors through any stage of the buying process, these types of landing page properties might not have a high single visit conversion rate, but their returns on lengthier campaigns are often much higher thanks to repeat visitors. Microsites also allow for more design creativity and interactive content which can generate greater online buzz.

At the end of the day, the most effective and successful landing pages are user-friendly, accessible, persuasive and designed to instill brand loyalty and trust in your customers.

Don’t be nervous. Start a torrid love affair with your landing pages today! Call the talented web design experts at ZOO Media Group and arrange for an intimate review of your current online marketing campaigns and any existing landing page properties. You’ll be glad you did.