Get Noticed with Guerrilla Marketing Techniques

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Guerrilla marketing is a strategic form of alternative marketing that relies on energy and imagination rather than big budgets and conventional approaches.

Designed to take consumers by surprise, guerrilla marketing can often be found on sidewalks, in bus stops, even in public washrooms — the more extreme the location, the more memorable the message! But don’t think that just because your business is small it can’t create a catchy guerrilla advertising campaign.

“Guerrilla marketing was actually created as a way to level the marketing playing field,” explains Chris Dugas, Partner & Managing Director at ZOO Media Group. “While big companies can buy endless television ads, smaller companies naturally need to get creative with their marketing spend in order to attract attention and come out on top. In many cases, guerrilla marketing is the perfect solution.”

Defining Guerrilla Marketing

If you’re not familiar with the term, guerrilla marketing gets its name from the unexpected and unconventional nature of guerrilla warfare. While guerrilla warriors tend to attack seemingly out of nowhere, so too do guerrilla marketing messages. Marketing consultants that work on guerrilla advertising campaigns are known for “taking it to the streets,” marketing their products and services to people in the strangest of places. While guerrilla marketing isn’t necessarily inexpensive, these alternative advertising campaigns can prove to be extremely effective, and often generate a viral response, both online and off.

Guerrilla marketing can range from interactive billboards to flash mob appearances. When it comes to advertising in Canada, it pays to get creative and unique with your guerrilla marketing strategy. The following are just a few ideas for your next guerrilla advertising campaign.

1) Bring on the Mob

Flash mobs have been used in numerous guerrilla marketing campaigns, including promotions for movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars. And while it may seem like an awful lot of work for three or four minutes of choreographed creativity, don’t despair — someone in the crowd is sure to capture it on their smartphone and load the production to YouTube. Flash mobs are great for generating buzz and promoting a specific event, artist, or product. Plus, they’re a ton of fun!

2) Give ‘Em a Sign

Guerrilla advertising campaigns don’t have to be overly sophisticated; they just need to be strategic. Like the sign holders that stand outside of pizza joints and flower shops enticing customers in. More often than not, these walking billboards have been specially trained to wield their signs in such a way that they attract the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians. Since a big part of advertising in Canada is building brand awareness, these sign spinners are a great marketing gimmick. How can a person do business with you if they don’t even know about you? Street sign holder’s can help generate awareness for your business and your product offering.

3) Urban Sprawl

If you want your guerrilla marketing campaign to reach as many people as possible, make sure you take it to the people. This could mean setting up street art installations or renting the ad space on a bus stop. It could even be as simple as sending out employees to give away merchandise to customers as they pass by. Guerrilla marketing is all about getting out there and getting your message seen and heard.

The best guerrilla marketing campaigns create something memorable that will stay in the consumer’s mind much longer than the average commercial or print ad would. Let the marketing consultants at ZOO Media Group help you create a guerrilla advertising campaign that catches your customers off guard — in a good way! Schedule a consultation today.