How fit is your website?

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What does having a fit and healthy website really mean? It will hopefully mean online success, but it also means much more than that. A healthy website is one that can engage and inspire new visitors, and keep them coming back for more.

There are three important ingredients to creating a strong and vital web presence. Great design and fluid functionality are obviously paramount. But creating a website with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in mind is just as crucial. In this first part of our three article series, we’re going to explore the benefits of SEO.

Optimize for a variety of devices

SEO isn’t just about keywords and search engine results – it’s also about creating a website design that works great across a variety of screen sizes and devices. Optimized websites need to work at full force on mobile and tablet devices, without slow downloading times. When your website works well on any device, you’re encouraging a larger audience to view your page, and if they have a positive experience, there’s a good chance they will return. With proper coding, your website will load faster and more efficiently from laptop, to desktop to smartphone.

Gain trust for your brand

One of the top ways to use the Internet to create trust for your brand or create brand awareness, is by ranking high on search engines. If you are the first site to pop up for a relative search, the user is much more likely to trust that your brand is reliable, professional and has a solid reputation. Clearly, focusing on SEO is well worth the investment.

Keep your brand up to date

Bringing in web development professionals will help your website and brand stay up to date with the rapidly changing industry that is SEO technology. What was true yesterday may not be true today. Staying up to date with new SEO strategies will improve your rankings and maximize the traffic heading to your website.

SEO wins the race

When competing for online traffic, a website designed with SEO in mind will be miles ahead of similar websites without. In the same way that businesses compete in the real world market, whoever has the attention grabbing marketing is going to win. Using SEO best practices in your website development will give you that much needed head start to take the lead.

Always be available to users

The great thing about the Internet is that it allows your business to be open seven days a week at all hours for any customer who’d like to peruse your products and services. And when you’ve optimized your website design, you’re bringing in a greater population of organic traffic, meaning that not only are you open 24/7 – but you’re busy too!

Boost your social media presence

Simply put, you’re going to see a lot more retweets, likes, shares, and +1 notifications once you’ve fully optimized your website design. Syndicating your content on social media networks can result in higher traffic on your website. Really, it’s a cycle that just keeps picking up speed – if you keep up adding and sharing good SEO content, the crowds will keep coming.

Expand your horizons

You may not be able to explore world markets in reality, but you certainly can over the Internet! Bringing search engine optimization practices into your website development will allow exposure to new markets that were previously unknown to you – and to your visitors.

If you want to get the most out of your website design and development project, be sure to keep SEO firmly entrenched in your planning. And the most effective SEO will come from the professionals. Maximize your web presence with ZOO Media Group, and check out our blog next week for the second article in this series. Have a wild day!