How Web Design Can Help You Increase Sales

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how-web-design-can-help-you-increase-salesHaving a website is a critical part of doing business in today’s digital age. Before consumers even leave their homes to purchase a product or service, they’ve likely already checked out potential businesses online. This is why dynamic and effective web design is key when it comes to turning online searchers into buyers.

But to unlock the true potential for your business or organization, you need to capture the attention of your target audience. Simply having a website and hoping consumers will find it is one thing, but having a website that is responsive, SEO friendly and clear and easy to navigate is essential to converting site visitors into customers.

In order to captivate your viewers and see a return on your online investment, consider integrating these five features into your website design.

Make Content Clear and Concise


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Don’t clutter your pages with unnecessary text. Website visitors today tend to run in the opposite direction when they come across long, lengthy paragraphs and confusing and cluttered pages. To draw people to your website and keep them there, use engaging taglines that effectively represent your brand, headings and subheadings to break up the page text and make sure your content is straight to the point without a lot of extraneous fluff.

Use Professional, High-Quality Images


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The content you have on your website will certainly be a selling point for consumers. It will hopefully persuade them to trust your brand and buy your products. But before viewers even set their eyes on a site’s content, they have to be drawn in by professional, high quality images. After all, a good picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Overused stock images won’t set your website apart. What you need is high quality images that will catch viewers’ eyes and entice them to stay on your page. This might require hiring a professional photographer to capture your brand’s vision, but spending some extra money on exclusive images will certainly pay for itself in the long run.

Include a Call to Action


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When potential customers visit your website, it’s likely because they are looking for products or services to fill a need they have. Having clear and concise information on your website may influence them to buy your products, but you need to make the road to a sale as easy as possible. A call to action is the best way to guide the user into making a purchase. Whether your call to action is directing the visitor to call your store, sign up for a service or purchase a product right from the website, it is essential to actively persuade visitors to be more than just visitors.

Make Sure Your Site is Responsive


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In the last few years, responsive web design has become a hot topic. Users are no longer surfing the web from desktop computers or laptops. Instead, they are using their mobile-devices and tablets to find information on the go. Web users in today’s digital landscape can now do more with their hand-held devices, and they expect websites to do more for them too.

So how does having a responsive website drive sales?

If the majority of site viewers are browsing the web from hand-held devices, coming across a site that is not responsive to smart phones and tablets is an instant red flag. Companies only have a few seconds to captivate a viewer before they redirect their attention elsewhere. If your site is not responsive visitors will leave fast. Make sure user experience is enjoyable and effortless across all platforms.

Offer a Sample


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Buyers online today can be hesitant and methodical. They enjoy the convenience of making a purchase from the comfort of their own home, but also worry about buying a product they haven’t seen or tested. This is why peer-reviews and testimonials are so essential in today’s online marketplace. Consumer’s want to know that the product they are buying is worth their money. One effective way that you can convince users your products and services are worth it is to offer a sample or a free trial. Giving users the option to test your wares before making any purchase allows you to add perceived value to your offerings. It also encourages users to sign up for free now and potentially pay later on down the road. Including a sample on your website is a great way to drive sales and convert visitors to customers to see a return on your digital investment.

The best way to maximize the performance of your company’s website to its full potential and increase sales?

Hire an experienced team of web design professionals to create a website that works exceptionally well for you and your customers.

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