Jägermeister Creative Packaging

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I shared some of my favorite samples of product packaging design in a recent blog post. I also shared some illuminating packaging used by the Bombay Sapphire brand. Creative packaging is a fun project to work on.


Taking inspiration from the cold-activated Blue Mountains of Coors Light, Russian graphic designer Semyon Kirilin has created a new bottle for German liquor brand, Jägermeister.


Taking a much needed departure from their previous green, medicinal-looking glass bottle, Kirilin’s über sexy matte black bottle’s only nod to the original look is the boxy, rectangular shape. Looking clean but somewhat underwhelming at room temperature, after a good chillin’, the bottle’s thermo-sensitive label gradually appears. Could mess with your mind though after a few shots. I could have sworn there were graphics on that bottle a few minutes ago! Nice upgrade though. For now, back to the cage.