Logo Design & Development

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We build strong brands. That’s our motto here at ZOO Media Group. And although we have often discussed that a brand is so much more than just a logo, it is definitely a critical part to the development of a brand. And in most cases if a company name is already selected, logo design is the first step in creating a strong brand.

We are often asked about our process for logo design and development. The first step is always a thorough discussion with our client to determine what their vision is for their brand. While we may have our own thoughts on a creative direction, ultimately most business owners have a strong opinion concerning how they would like to visually represent their company identity. With the help of a detailed creative brief that illustrates everything from preferences and distaste for established logo designs, to preferred colour schemes and font treatments – this is all we need to get the creative juices flowing.

The next step is to jump right in with the concept stage. And we like to do things old school – putting pencil to paper and hammering out numerous rough mock-ups. Nothing helps flesh out a design concept like creative brainstorming. The image below illustrates (literally) some of the rough concepts along the way to developing one of our logo designs. Once we determine the design elements and font treatments we are happy with, we try colour variations based on client feedback to fine tune the look and feel of the logo.

And this process in a nutshell is what brings us to the final approved client logo. From here we can move forward with everything from stationery design and marketing collateral design, to website design and development. While the logo in and of itself is not the brand, everything within the brand dynamic blossoms from the logo design. Needless to say, logo design is not something that should be taken lightly. And that’s why we really enjoy the logo design and brand development process – it allows us to truly connect with our clients, thoroughly understand their business, and formulate an effective long-term marketing strategy. Truth be told, we love what we do, and according to our clients, it shows.