Marketing Strategies and the Community

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The biggest challenge for most small business owners is effectively marketing and advertising their business while staying within the confines of a set budget. The bottom line is that most marketing initiatives can be expensive, and every company wants to make sure that they are getting the most impact for their hard earned marketing and advertising dollar. Although London, Ontario is by no means a small town, there are numerous opportunities to get the word out about your product and services.

London is chock-full of local groups and charities such as not-for-profit organizations and sports leagues and community events like fairs and festivals. In almost all cases, these organizations and events would welcome the support of the business community as they are often running on very tight budgets. Supporting these events can come in many forms. While cash donations are great, donating products and services to promote the event or to be used for things like contests and fundraiser auction items are always greatly appreciated. The great thing about this marketing opportunity is that while you are helping these events and organizations, you are also promoting you own company’s products and services. This could potentially provide exposure for you company to a whole new client base and you’ll look good and feel good doing it to boot!

To have the same effect while using more traditional marketing initiatives and strategies could potentially take a much bigger bite out of your company’s marketing and advertising budget. The final bonus to supporting various local charities and events in the community comes from the increased customer loyalty that can be established for your company. Most people want to support businesses that are socially conscious and that actively support community initiatives. Every business should be built on a strong foundation. Spreading charitable roots in the community will help ensure longevity and success for every business.

That’s why ZOO Media Group jumped at the chance to be the annual Gold Media Sponsor for the Huron County SPCA Animal House Dinner and Auction. ZOO Media Group is more than happy to donate its time and talent to this very worthy cause. ZOO is responsible for developing and designing all the marketing and promotional collateral for this fun-filled annual event in Exeter that raises money to help the SPCA protect, find homes for and advocate on behalf of our animal friends.