New Cloud Rendering Tools for Digital Media

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Otoy wants to change the way designers think of complex 3D graphics by moving everything to the cloud. Judging from the cloud rendering demos displayed recently at the Nvidia GPU Tech Conference, the company is definitely moving in the right direction.

The company stated that their technology can help make film production much more affordable and special effects more dynamic. “It’s elastic, and you render what you need,” said Jules Urback, CEO of Otoy. “You will see major game developers building with it, and as a result, we should get better movies. It’s now available as a service, so anyone with the chops can tell a story in 3D.” Josh Trank, slated to direct Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot for 2015, also appeared on stage during the Nvidia event to explain how his special effects team can benefit from using Otoy’s cloud technology.

Nvidia will provide the hardware and software needed for the data centers that will render the imagery. The tools from Nvidia are believed to be 40 times faster than on a central processing unit. Using cloud technology is undoubtedly the way of the future, as more and more industries are moving to this digital solution. Not only is it more affordable, designers can have access to an array of tools. This holds a lot of promise for future game and movie development projects and the company believes the best is yet to come. Gamers and film fanatics rejoice! For now, back to the cage.