Letter Writing

When was the last time you composed a well-crafted business letter? The kind you print out on company letterhead and seal in an envelope? While good old-fashioned letter writing may seem archaic in today’s technical marketplace, there are still people out there who appreciate the time and effort that a well-written business letter entails.  Prospective clients, corporate funders, company stakeholders – the list goes on and on.

In an era of improvised text messages, hurried voicemails and impersonal emails, letters remain the purest form of communication. The only true tangible form of correspondence, the letter creates a connection that modern technology will never replace.

The letter writing services offered by ZOO Media Group provide you with professional, affordable communications support. Our writers will craft compassionate, cohesive content for your correspondence, based on the context you provide and the response you wish to elicit. From formatting to the final farewell, our letter writing experts will provide you with a polished final product. Contact the ZOO copywriting department for more information on your personalized letter writing services.

Our Copywriting services include: