Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Let’s face it, all the strategy, research and media in the world doesn’t mean a thing if your message doesn’t get through to your audience. And to break through, you need innovative, thought-provoking copywriting that reaches out and touches your target audience, creating a positive emotional response. ZOO Media Group clearly understands this fact as it is apparent in every word we write. It takes just the right turn of a phrase, the ideal context, the perfect word to elicit the desired response.

“Whether your call to action is a plea, a demand, or simply an offer to provide further information, we will convey your message in a way that is totally unique to you and important to your prospect.”

ZOO speaks your company’s brand language and knows how to translate and integrate your message throughout every part and piece of your marketing program. We understand that our job is not simply to create pretty pictures and catchy headlines, but to ensure they sell. Sell your service, sell your product, sell your idea. ZOO Media Group will make it happen.

Our writing services include:

  • Blog Content Writing
  • Website Copy
  • Print Ads
  • Company Names & Taglines
  • E-newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Packaging Materials
  • Proof Reading & Translation
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Video Scripts