Audit Report

The most important part of any search engine marketing or optimization project is to perform an initial campaign audit. A campaign audit will help your PPC account coordinator and search engine marketing specialist determine factors which may be decreasing your PPC ad performance in search engines. The purpose of our audit reports is not to find fault in your operations, but rather to provide you with baseline information that will help ensure that best practice management is being upheld. From there, we’ll provide you with some concrete, actionable recommendations that will help improve the optimization and execution of your PPC campaigns.

From the construction of your ads right down to content and targeted keywords, we’ll review every aspect of your SEM strategy to ensure that your PPC campaigns are properly formatted. From there, we’ll take a look at how past account management can be improved upon to enhance future PPC undertakings.

Our detailed audit report will provide you with a comprehensive look at the inner workings of your search engine marketing strategy. Maximize the efficiency of your SEM strategy, with a professional audit report from the search engine marketing professionals at ZOO Media Group.

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