Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my business need search engine marketing support?

A. Search engine traffic accounts for a huge percentage of online business. As such, websites that appear at the top of search engine results receive more traffic and more exposure to customers. Search engine marketing enables you to rank well for targeted keyword search terms, exposing your product to motivated shoppers.

Q. Can you manage an entire SEM/paid search campaign for me?

A. Yes, ZOO Media Group has the experience and tools to set up, maintain and manage an SEM campaign for your company.

Q. How is SEM different from organic SEO? Do I need both?

A. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the act of optimizing the code and content of your website for relevant, targeted keywords in order to attain high “organic” or unpaid search engine rankings. SEO is a long term optimization strategy designed to attract more traffic to your website. SEM also involves driving traffic to your website, but via paid advertisements, like PPC (pay-per-click ads) and paid contextual placements. A well-rounded optimization strategy focuses on both organic and paid search strategies.

Q. I have started my own Google / Yahoo / Bing pay-per-click campaign, but haven’t seen any results. How will your services benefit me?

A. Search engines make it sound easy to run your own pay-per-click campaign but the reality is that PPC isn’t a DIY project. In order to get results, you need to devote a great deal of expertise, effort, and time to your advertising. Our search engine marketing experts will identify bottlenecks in your campaign approach and provide you with a results-oriented strategy.

Q. How do I choose keywords for my SEM campaigns?

A. We’ll do it for you! ZOO Media Group will work with you to target keywords that are relevant to your business and your customer base. Selecting your keywords is probably the most important part of your SEM campaign, so don’t just “wing it.” Let out experts help with targeted keyword research services.

Q. Can you work with any budget?

A. More than likely, yes. Contact us today to discuss your unique budget requirements and search engine marketing needs.