Keyword Research

Not all search engine traffic is created equal. When it comes to developing a highly-competitive, well optimized site, traffic is secondary – conversions are the key to success.

Think about it – would you rather have 3000 people visit your site, but only 50 convert (i.e. make a purchase, send you an email, signup for a newsletter, etc.), or, would you rather have 500 people hit your site and 250 of them convert into customers?

Attract better traffic with highly targeted keyword research from ZOO Media Group. Why guess at the top search terms to target on your website when ZOO can identify the most popular keyword terms for your site? We’ll then use the results from our keyword research to develop a thorough search engine optimization strategy and successful search engine marketing campaigns. Make sure you’re targeting the correct keyword terms on your company website. Contact ZOO Media Group today to learn more about our expert keyword research tools.

Our SEO services include: