Social Media Customization

There are more than 800 million Facebook users and close to 300 million Twitter users. How many of these social consumers are interacting with your brand? Do you really want to be left out of these discussions?

People crave impact and engagement. Are your social networking pages making the right statement, or is your message falling flat? Stand out from the crowd of generic and boring Facebook and Twitter company pages with a customized design from ZOO Media Group. Our Facebook and Twitter design services help transform your page from average to amazing, improving brand awareness and recognition.

Social media isn’t just for kids anymore. More and more businesses are embracing these channels as an opportunity to market to a highly targeted audience. But simply starting a profile and posting content isn’t enough to fully promote your brand. Customized social media profiles help extend your brand messaging and create a cohesive online marketing strategy. View our Facebook and Twitter design samples to check out some of our recent social media customization projects.

Our Social Media Marketing services include: