Responsive Web Design

Staying on top of your A-game requires you to adapt your business model in the wake of technological shifts. As of late, there has been an explosion in consumption habits via handheld devices and you should be asking yourself, “what does this mean for my business?” The information you put out needs to be accessible on these devices in a clear and consistent way.

Enter responsive web design. Simply put, responsive web design is an approach to web development in which a site is strategically crafted to enable optimal viewing across a variety of screens. Think about all the different screen sizes you use over the course of a day. You might use a desktop at work, your cellphone to find a good lunch spot, and cap off the night by surfing on your iPad.

When working on website design, the web experts at ZOO Media Group utilize responsive grids which allow web content to downsize proportionately whether being viewed on a browser, tablet or mobile device. The benefit here is that you can build a website once, and it will work seamlessly across thousands of screen types. Responsive website development ultimately creates a consistent and pleasurable viewing experience for your customers. And that should be the goal for every business.

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