Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet applications are designed to deliver the same features and functionalities that users have come to expect from standard desktop solutions. The popularity of RIAs is growing as users intuitively expect to experience online software that functions similar to offline applications. Connective, interactive, and responsive, rich Internet applications make it easier for users to understand and engage with your company content.

Users are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the mediocre capabilities and lacklustre performance of web-based applications. With rich Internet applications, your clients will enjoy the smooth interactivity of a desktop application, without sacrificing the accessibility of a web-based program.

ZOO Media Group has extensive experience developing, packaging, and deploying rich Internet applications using a number of different frameworks. Our rich Internet applications provide exceptional usability, manageability and responsiveness. For more information on ZOO’s rich Internet application development services, please contact us at 519.474.9774.

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