Contest Microsites

The social web has created renewed interest in contest marketing and sweepstakes, and for good reason. Online contests are a great way to build your fan base, engage your audience, collect data, and create a buzz around your business.

ZOO Media Group offers integrated contest creation and management services for a wide variety of social networks and through the design and development of custom contest microsites. When executed properly, these cross-platform marketing tactics result in a treasure-trove of customer data and actionable feedback. The trick? Creating a contest that will help you achieve specific marketing goals. Whether you want to drive awareness to a new product or service, or simply encourage participants to familiarize themselves with your company’s social networking channels, ZOO will create a strategy to help you achieve your aim.

Social media campaigns and online contests enable you to reap the benefits of the viral marketing effect. With that being said, it’s still critical that you work with ZOO to ensure that you have a well-thought-out communication plan in place to support and track your campaign. Contests are just a part of your overall online marketing strategy. Build a solid approach to your next social media campaign with ZOO’s expert custom contest website development and management services. Contact our office today to discuss potential promotions.

Our Website & Application Design services include: