Video & Motion Graphics

If YouTube has taught us anything, it’s that videos are a powerful online marketing tool. From clever commercials to web series, multimedia marketing and production is the new frontier of online content creation. Explore this brave new land with expert video & motion graphics from ZOO Media Group.

The video and motion graphics department at ZOO Media Group produces a wide range of media, including Flash and Java motion graphics for web and presentation formats. At ZOO, we work closely with our clients in order to identify key messages, define unique value propositions, and develop unconventional campaigns that drive traffic and interest to your brand.

Every company has a story. Our video and motion graphic specialists can help you tell it. ZOO’s design team has experience creating engaging animations and graphics for a wide variety of end uses, including tradeshow installations and digital signage. Have a great idea? ZOO can help you define and oversee all aspects of the project. From concept to completion, let us bring your vision to light. Contact ZOO Media Group today for more information on our video and motion graphic services.

Our Website Design services include: