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The Five Principles of Effective Logo Design

The Five Principles of Effective Logo Design

A good logo must accomplish many things. It should be simple but memorable. Appropriate, yet graphically appealing. But more importantly, a logo design must communicate an intended meaning while generating interest and credibility for your business and industry. Whether you’re opening a clothing store, restaurant or accounting firm, your company needs a logo that’s professional looking, unique, easily recognized and memorable. When you think about it, that’s a pretty tall order for a small graphical element.

When developing a logo, Chris Dugas, Partner and Production & Planning Director at ZOO Media Group notes, “it’s important to follow a process that ensures that the final design meets the needs of your business, while properly representing your products or service offering. Logo design is the first step in establishing a company’s overall brand strategy. When you think of some of the more iconic logos through history, they generally share the same characteristics. Knowing this, we always strive to follow the same rules of thumb during our creative process.”

1. Make it Simple

Simplicity is a key ingredient in the development of any successful logo design. Just look at brands like Nike, Apple, and YouTube. All three of these logos feature something unique, without being excessive or using intricate design elements. A clean and refined logo will create an identity that is memorable, be it on a billboard on the expressway, or on a crowded store shelf. Simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring.

2. Make it Memorable

Trying to design a logo that communicates your entire business concept in one simple word or symbol is impossible. So, instead of focusing on trying to ‘say it all’, narrow in on the values and ideas that your company stands for. What emotions do you want your logo to illicit? This approach will go a long way to creating a logo design that is memorable and easily associated with your company.

3. Make it Timeless

If you can manage to make your logo simple and memorable, chances are it will also be timeless. This is why you should never base your logo on a current design trend. Does your logo design stand the test of time, or will it seem dated in 10 years? Longevity is the key where your brand identity is concerned, so make sure your logo is original while incorporating classical elements of design.

4. Make it Versatile

Your business logo is the visual cornerstone of your brand and a major component of your corporate identity. In order for a logo to be effective, it must work across a variety of media vehicles. You need to be keenly aware of the use of negative space, gradients, and intricate details. The more detail you include in your logo design, the harder it will become to use in various applications.

5. Make it Appropriate

Your business logo should be designed with an intended audience in mind. For example, you normally wouldn’t use a child-like font and rainbow color scheme for a law firm or financial institution. Keep your logo design and branding aligned with your company’s target audience and it will have a much better chance of effectively promoting your business.

It’s only by thoughtful and strategic association with a business or brand that a logo design really begins to take on meaning. For outstanding logo design and corporate branding that will separate you from the pack, please contact the London, Ontario graphic design team at ZOO Media Group today!


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