The Importance of Website Design

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Importance of Website DesignIn the digital age, running a successful business often equates to having a successful online presence. If you want to bring in new customers and increase sales, then you need to have a website that works hard for you. As discussed last week, creating a healthy and successful website involves a proper combination of SEO, website design, and website programming. Last week, we explored the importance of SEO to your website and business. This week, the following tips will help you uncover the critical nature of website design, and explain why ZOO Media Group feels it’s so important to online success.

Have an appealing gateway

If you’re in the business world, then you already know how important first impressions can be. On your homepage, you have about 3-5 seconds to attract and hold your viewer before they decide to hit the back button. Make sure that the user can see right away what your site is about, and give them reason to stick around. Make your homepage visually appealing, try to avoid long blocks of text and do your best to be clear and concise.

Update your site

Speaking of SEO content, always keep your website up to date. Frequently post current news about your business online, update your service and product pages, and keep your content fresh. Fresh, engaging, relevant SEO content is a fantastic way to show users (and Google!) that you are active and an important online player. Include amazing photos, illustrations, graphics, and videos whenever possible alongside articles and make sure to syndicate your articles on social media to promote them to your followers and target audience.

Gain viewer and customer trust

Show visitors how much you appreciate and care for your customers and your business with a testimonials page. Here, past customers can give their glowing reviews about your business. Include in your website design a page showing your warranties and guarantees of service to demonstrate to your customers that you proudly stand by your products and services.

Share, link, tweet

Your website design should shine a spotlight on social media. So make sure to share your social media properties prominently on your website. Provide icons and links to your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ accounts, and make sure each of those pages also link back to your website.

Mazes are for colouring books, not website design

Don’t make your users feel like they’re making their way through a labyrinth. Effective website design will allow your users to easily navigate your site with every visit. Easy navigation will avoid user frustration and keep visitors on your site longer.

Avoid stagnancy

To create an interesting web page, consider moving features as you scroll down through the site. Sliders that move left to right aren’t as popular anymore since people are more likely to scroll downwards due to use of mobile phones. Having parallax movement will transform your design from stagnant to exciting.

Long pages aren’t always the best

A popular trend in website design and website development seems to be the never ending long scrolling page. This won’t necessarily help you to optimize your page properly. A single web page can have limitations from an optimized standpoint, which doesn’t allow you to maximize your presence on search engines. Ditch the long form, and embrace the multiple page website.

Know your audience

Trying to bring in a global audience can be an awfully exhausting task, and it won’t necessarily help grow your business. Know your target audience and focus your online efforts to appeal to them. Make sure your content and posts suit their interests. This will increase the possibility of boosting traffic to your site.

Design each page with love

Having a spectacular homepage is one thing, but don’t stop there. In your website development and design, make sure to maintain that TLC on every page of your website. Each page of your website should be unique, properly optimized, as well as being user friendly.

Keep contrast in mind

One of the most frustrating mistakes a website designer can make is not paying attention to the visual contrast between text and background. If a user can’t read your content, it won’t take long for them to give up and hit that dreaded back button. Keep contrast in mind to create a stunning, user-friendly interface.

Include a call to action

Engage your readers on your website by including a call to action in your design. Every good business website includes a button that lets readers “Request a Quote” or “Work With Us” at the top of each web page where it is easily accessible. You may even want call to actions at the end of each blog post to increase your chances of connecting.

Don’t let your website design fall behind the times. Show visitors you’re an active and important presence online with top notch SEO, clean website coding, and outstanding website design. Contact ZOO Media Group today to get your website working harder for you!