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How leading brands maintain an online presence.

As much as it pains us to say this, we figured it wouldn’t hurt as much if it came from someone you trusted. So, at the risk of hurting your feelings, here it goes.

Your company website? It’s a little boring. Mediocre at best. Sure, it has some product pages and a blog, a nice contact page, and a decent layout. But even so, it’s lacking heart, purpose…spunk if you will. Your corporate website has no compelling story, no pulse and no real purpose.

It’s just… a website.

When it comes to maintaining an amazing online presence, you can’t settle for a standard website design or run-of-the-mill branding concept. Instead, you need to step outside the box and create an online experience that speaks to your target market. In the past few years, leading brands like Coca Cola, Virgin Mobile and even Walmart, have stepped up their online game, launching fresh, innovative ideas to marry their offline business with their online following.

If you’re considering improving your London Ontario website design this autumn, take a page from the big brand playbook and turn real world marketing experience into an online powerhouse through the use of highly targeted online brand campaigns and a truly original and engaging website design.

Here’s an inside look at three successful online brand campaigns that have enabled major real world brands to extend their relevance and online consumer acceptance.

Journey by Coca Cola

Coca Cola was one of the first mega-brands to sack the standard “product/fact-based” website in favour of a more story-oriented approach. With the launch of Coca Cola Journey back in 2012, everyone’s favourite soda company stopped selling their brand and started telling a bigger story. Instead of plastering their website design with Coke bottles and calls to action, Coca Cola started producing content that struck an emotional chord with its customers. In fact, Coke was one of the first companies to recognize that the way to get people attached to and interested in your brand, isn’t to talk about the brand. It’s about developing content that inspires people to engage and interact on a web platform.

When you have a second, take a good look at the Coke website. While just a small part of the company’s overall digital marketing strategy, the Coca Cola website is a beautiful example of the power of brand narrative.

Virgin Mobile Feed

When it comes to an all-encompassing content strategy, Virgin Mobile is head and shoulders above the competition. In fact, the company manages their own social newsroom where they publish and curate a constant stream of content. From new music and apps, to web memes and articles, Virgin Mobile has their finger on the pulse of anything and everything trendy, because that’s what their users want. The Virgin Mobile Feed website averages over 1 million unique views ever month; what’s more, the company has close to 50,000 “super-sharers” within their expansive social network.

The Real Walmart

While Kmart was enjoying their 15 minutes of fame with the “Ship my pants” campaign, Walmart was hard at work building a stronger online image through a more people-centric approach. The Real Walmart campaign consisted of a micro marketing website that showcased not only the company’s money-saving mission, but also reinforced the organization’s commitment to outstanding company culture. By placing emphasis on their people and their services, rather than their products, Walmart was able to create a website capable of forging long-term connections with clients… even after their pants were shipped.

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