The Relationship Between Quality SEO Content and Social Media

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The Importance of Social Media in Search Rankings

Newsflash: your social media presence matters…even if your teenage son or daughter still won’t accept your Friend request. Perhaps your personal Facebook profile won’t bring your business fame and fortune, but your company’s online presence can play a big part in promoting your business. The quality SEO content you choose to share throughout your online presence, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – is now more important than ever!

But what can you do, or should you do, to take advantage of the tidal shift of importance taking social media by storm?

Google is now using its algorithm to take into account social sites to help rank search requests. Perhaps you’ve noticed that company Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts are being returned in Google search results? This is because, social media posts are the new backlinks.

Social Media Posts Are The New Backlinks

For a long time, backlinks were created either legitimately through content generation, or more often than not, using boundary bending techniques such as fake websites and invisible text. You may be able to trick your potential consumer with this technique, but you can’t trick Google! As your social media presence increases, and you start accumulating followers who like, share, retweet, and repost your content – your website is actually blessed with all the benefits that traditionally came with building backlinks.

One Word: Engagement!

Here’s the trick though, and it’s only one word: engagement.  Nothing is going to happen if your content is repeatedly being read and forgotten. This is where things can get more difficult. Somehow, you need to figure out how to balance clever, compelling content with brand awareness, and SEO friendly copy. This is a daunting task! Luckily, at ZOO Media Group, we love nothing more than a daunting task. In fact, we eat them for breakfast.

Over the past few months, SEO standards have also been shifting. The days of one word keywords are over. Thanks to Google, you can now type in “Where can I rent a carpet cleaner in London, Ontario” and local, applicable businesses are instantly at your service. SEO is about the long game now, and content requirements are reflecting this.

How To Write Fantastic Content in 2015

Instead of one word keyword inclusion, SEO content now, more than ever, needs to be conversational, approachable, and informative. Your website content needs to be catchy, not pitchy; interesting, not spammy. Your online content should be written for a human audience, not robots! Don’t overuse keywords!


ZOO Media Group has spent over a decade perfecting our content writing services. We understand now, more than ever what makes an online visitor tick. We’ve been there from the early advent of social media and SEO strategies, making predictions, and watching as they unfold. We weren’t always right, but we learned a lot along the way. Your business doesn’t need an entire Marketing department anymore. All it needs is a few, experienced and qualified professionals who have your best interests in mind. If you would like to know more about how ZOO can further integrate your businesses’ SEO, content, and social media, give us a shout 519-474-9774!