Tips to Solidify Your Web Presence

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So, your company has just launched an amazing new website. Your blog is pumping out informative content on a regular basis and your online store is stocked with useful products. You’ve spent a ton of time, money and energy building what you thought would be a strong web presence, only to find your traffic peaks at a few dozen daily visitors. Where did you go wrong?

“Building an online presence takes more than a great looking website and loads of information,” says Chris Dugas, Partner and Production & Planning Director at ZOO Media Group. “It also requires that people know how to find you, where to find you, and most importantly, a good reason as to why they should want to find you.” No matter what type of product or service you are trying to promote, there are hundreds of other websites and blogs devoted to the exact same topic. In order for your website or blog to stand out, you need to market it properly and effectively.

Five Tips to Maximize your Online Presence

1) Keep your “News” section current.

Practically every website has a “News and Press” section these days, but hardly anyone takes the time to keep this resource up-to-date. Imagine how out-of-date your company looks if your latest news story took place over a year ago. Keep your news current and visitors will view your company as engaged and relevant.

2) Join blogging communities and reach out to other bloggers.

Bloggers enjoy reading other blogs — so why aren’t you out there to tell everyone about your unique content? Joining blogging communities like Blog Engage and Blog Catalogue will not only help you increase traffic to your site, but it can also help business owners’ network within their industry. Before you know it, you could be guest blogging on an influential network or sharing your content with a major online resource.

3) Reply to guest comments.

If someone has taken the time to come to your site, read your article, and leave their opinion, the least you could do is say thanks. Sure, you’re busy – but a simple one sentence response could be all it takes to spark an exciting new business relationship.

4) Don’t blog because it’s what you’re supposed to do.

You hated English class in high school, and you respond to emails with one word. Writing is not your cup of tea — and that’s okay. You don’t have to blog in order to build a successful online presence. In fact, a poorly-written blog that’s seldom updated will hurt your business far more than not having a blog at all. (Want to blog, but hate writing — try podcasts and video blogging).

5) Keep your content on task.

Your website can’t (and shouldn’t) appeal to everyone. A website about baby wipes would never publish content that appeals to middle-aged men — that would just be misguided marketing. The same should go for your website. Write your content exclusively for your target audience and you’ll see great improvements in your conversion rate, as well as an increase in return visitors.