Top 10 Responsive Website Designs

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It is quickly becoming apparent that responsive web design is the future. As mobile devices and tablets take over as the choice method of consumption, web design and development is shifting towards mobile accessibility. In no particular order, the following ten responsive website designs are equally deserving of accolades for both their design and functionality. I present to you, our picks for top 10 responsive web designs:


1. Kayak Capers (

Before getting into how great this web page is responsively, can I just say that this whole design is fantastic! The cartoon theme of the web page immediately drew me in and I fell in love almost instantly. After checking this site out on my mobile device and tablet, it was official. Navigating this site is a breeze and the layout across platforms is practically identical. It is impossible to get lost on this site when working between devices.


2. Sasquatch Festival (

What I particularly like about the Sasquatch Festival’s site is the way that content is not lost between various displays. The landing page on any device contains the information you would likely be visiting that site to find. You are presented with the festival’s headlining artists, date, location and box office. From there, you can easily maneuver heavier details such as schedule, full lineup and store. Navigation is simplistic and content is king!


3. Skinny Ties (

I must confess, I am not exactly a skinny tie kinda guy. But on the off chance I ever need to get my hands on one, I know where I’m going! This website is a perfect example of what retailers need to be doing when implementing a responsive web design. The landing page strategically demonstrates the different products available with links available for further browsing. The design is crisp, clean, and basic. The simplicity of the site makes for lightning speed loading on mobile devices and ultimately, quick and fast shopping!


4. Currys (

Currys is another example of e-commerce at its best. The Currys web page fulfills its duty of making purchases simple on any device. Everything is organized and has a purpose. The navigation buttons are right in your face, making searching for particular products a breeze. The landing page even highlights sale items as advertised and allows you to browse products based on category. Although I usually prefer to shop electronics or devices in store, this online platform seems to be a speedy and efficient alternative.


5. United Pixelworkers (

Our last entry from the world of e-commerce, United Pixelworkers shows us a different side of retail. A fun and vibrant grid layout, in combination with large typography, makes for a seamless transition to smaller devices. In addition, the navigation drop-down bar and shopping cart are well placed and enhanced for simple direction.


6. CoWork Chicago (

Making the departure from e-commerce sites, the Coop Chicago is a company which rents out desks by the day, week or month. It is evident that this business is acknowledging the importance of the modern web. The design in general peaked my interest in the business through their use of color and photography. The page transitions seamlessly across devices and loads impeccably quick. Welcome to instantaneous office furniture leasing!


7. Contents Magazine (

The Contents Magazine website is interesting because not only does it represent the shift from print to online, but takes it a step further to represent the shift in consumption via mobile device. So, does this platform work as a medium for a magazine? I thnk it does, remarkedly well in fact. Contents Magazine presents a new way of consuming literature and content. The site is easily navigated and best of all, the size of the print and the layout of content makes it quality oriented with a focus on being reader-friendly.


8. Boston Globe (

If you looked up the definition of “hip newspaper” in the dictionary, you should find the Boston Globe website. Seriously, this webpage is ridiculously good. The web page is designed just like the printed version, so newspaper lovers will be comfortable with navigation. If you are looking for a particular section, you will clearly see the “Section” tabs at the top of the page for reference. This mobile-friendly website rivals the functionality of any news app which I am currently using.


9. Do Lectures (

Do Lectures’ website is a collection of videos made to ignite inspiration in its customers. Certainly, one look at their web page will spark some sort of inspiration – maybe it will even inspire you to implement responsive web design for your business. Their web page is plain and simple in the best of ways. It is not cluttered with busy patterns or colours, which guides the consumer towards their purpose – the library of videos and talks. For a web page with heavy content, it runs exceptionally smoothly on mobile devices and does not look like it is being crammed into a smaller space.


10. Design Made in Germany (

I really do wish that I could understand German for the sole purpose of fully appreciating this web page. However, I most certainly do not and alas, I am left to admire the craftiness of the design rather than the content. The thing I find most striking is the scrolling overlays which remain consistent across platforms. These overlays contribute to the page by giving it the little extra oomph that a design website is expected to have. The final consensus for this web design: it’s wünderbar! For now, back to the cage.