Web Design – Keep Them Coming Back!

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Websites are all about delivering information. Everything you do with your site, from font type to spacing, graphics, and colours, must serve the purpose of hitting your audience with your message. Otherwise, your website is wasted space — and a good reason for potential customers to look at your competitor’s site instead.

Simply put, design is critical. Everyone has visited sites that are crowded with too many images or almost unreadable because the text and background colours don’t work together. Bad design turns visitors off, so when you put your site together, remember a few simple design rules to give it the best possible chance of reaching its audience.

Colours, yes. Too many colours, no! Your site should look professional and should have an interesting visual quality. This doesn’t mean using every colour of the rainbow. Keep it simple and make sure the colours you choose work together, and make your text easily readable. Same goes for graphics and pictures. Don’t weigh the page down with too many visuals or pictures that require long downloads.

Space is good! Don’t overcrowd your pages. Choose the right words, not the most words, to make your point, and separate your ideas with space. A text-heavy page is a turn-off, and many visitors will exit as fast as the entered if there is too much to read and the pages are crammed with words.

Navigation is crucial, especially with big sites. How many times have you been lost in a huge corporate website? How many times have you been unable to find your way back to the information you need? Fun, isn’t it? Not exactly, which is why your navigation should be simple and clear. Streamline your menus until visitors can get to whatever they need (and back again) with just a click or two. This is particularly important with e-commerce sites. Help customers find the information they want and make their purchase as easily as possible!

Effective websites aren’t difficult to build, but they do require expertise. ZOO Media Group offers complete web development services, including site audits, design, and ideas on how to keep your words and layout consistent with your brand strategy. Let us help you create a site that stands out from the pack!