Website Programming: How to do it right

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Your website as your chief marketing vehicle can be beautifully effective when you combine proven SEO techniques, dynamic website design, and robust website programming. In our two previous articles in this series, you learned about the benefits of SEO and website design – but there’s still a missing puzzle piece. The best way to conquer the challenges of Internet marketing is to combine this mighty triad to become a serious online presence. In this final installment in the series, learn how the right approach to website development can help increase your online sales.

Don’t complicate your page

Keep your website programming simple. Big, flashy pages with overcrowded graphics and wild animation tend to overwhelm users. When you’re developing your website, make sure the layout is simple and easy to navigate. Reduce the number of graphics and images you use so that it looks clean and tasteful, and not overdone. Bigger is not always better when it comes to website development and design. At ZOO, our philosophy concerning both website design and graphic design is “less is more”.

And remember that complex coding can take longer to load. This is a big turn off to users, as smart phones are rapidly becoming a primary source for Internet use for some people.

Use meta tags and meta descriptions

When you’re in the developmental phase, make sure to include meta tags and meta descriptions. Include relevant keywords for SEO purposes, without over-stuffing and coming off as spammy. Make sure that your content writer includes relevant keywords and a strong site description on your homepage, as well as on every page header and image.

Always remember to keep an eye on the number of search engine hits and traffic you’ve received online based on the most popular keywords. Your site analytics is a very power tool to help you gauge effectiveness and to make any necessary changes.

Compress the html

If you don’t work on website development yourself, ask your web developer to compress the html code if applicable. Compressed your ode can help your site load faster and your code will be obfuscated – making it more difficult to plagiarize. While you’re at it, you may also want to see how many times your chosen keywords appear in the first 7500 characters of content. There can always be too much of a good thing.

Separate everything

When coding your website, make sure to follow the rules of the Single Responsibility Principle. Without getting overly technical, this approach to coding means that throughout your website development, you should only assign a single function – or responsibility – to each object in your code. By splitting up “tasks”-  you’re giving your site coding better logical grouping, which in turn makes the intention clearer and future maintenance and troubleshooting easier.

Create a secure website

One of the most important things you can do in your website development is to make sure that your website is secure. For websites, if you run the url through for example, you’ll be told which aspects of your website may be compromised from a security standpoint. This handy site will check for any common flaws in your website security structure.

Reduce page load time by reducing white space and page weight

If you want your web pages to load super fast (and who doesn’t) – you’ll want to reduce the page weight and eliminating unnecessary white space and comments (minimization) in your JavaScript and CSS is a good start. To reduce loading times even more, try moving inline script and CSS into external files and reducing the function names of your JavaScript and CSS.

Get rid of zooming and scaling

If your website programming is done properly, your users won’t need to ever zoom in at all. Thanks to the beauty of responsive website design – all relevant website content should be visible at all times on all devices. If you don’t already know the responsive meta tag <meta name= “viewport” content =”width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1″ /> – you probably should. It will make sure that your website is displayed in all its glory, without requiring your users to zoom or scale.

Creating a perfect website for your business doesn’t have to be painful. Avoid the trouble of swimming against the tide of the online sea, and bring in the professionals. The ZOO Keepers at ZOO Media Group will take the all your stress and anxiety out of website development, website design, and SEO. Work with us to spice up your website today!