BFI Canada

BFI is one of North America’s largest and most diversified providers of waste and recycling service programs. From electronics recycling solutions to mobile document destruction and waste collection and recycling services, BFI continues to expand their service offerings to solidify their position as the one-stop waste and recycling solution provider to communities across the U.S. and Canada.

What they needed

Already an established leader in the waste management and recycling sector, BFI Canada was looking to better define their current sales process, strengthen their brand and grow market share.

What we delivered

BFI first tasked ZOO Media Group with creating a structured process for their sales team. ZOO initially conducted both internal and external market research to collect data to develop new brand messaging along with new sales scripts and correspondences. The next step was to design new marketing collateral for the sales team including a new corporate brochure, presentation folder and sell sheets.

The results

With the roll out of BFI’s new marketing and sales strategy with the support of dynamic new marketing collateral, BFI continues to grow their market share and position their organization as an industry leader in environmentally-friendly waste and recycling management programs. BFI will look to ZOO Media Group over the coming months to launch new marketing initiatives and help forge mutually beneficial marketing collaborations within the London community.