City of London Bravo Program

In 2014, the City of London decided to take a step towards strengthening their workplace.  The Human Resources Department decided it was time to update their previous and somewhat dated employee recognition package, and transform it into a fun and engaging program that included a new peer-to-peer recognition component. They chose ZOO Media Group to take their concept and transform it into an exciting, streamlined program that would motivate city employees to take part. The Bravo Employee Recognition Program was born.

What they needed

The concept needed a fresh and vibrant brand to grab attention and effectively convey why this program is worthwhile and valuable for the workplace environment. The City of London required a name, logo design, tagline, brochures, folders and posters that would inform employees about the program while promoting its many merits.

What we delivered

ZOO Media Group created a dynamic and comprehensive package for the City of London Employee Recognition Program. The first step being the development of a great name for the program itself. “Bravo” was chosen to celebrate the importance of standing up and applauding employee contributions to team success.

From there, it was all about branding. ZOO’s team designed the logo, brochure, posters, greeting and thank you cards, intranet online banners, award certificates, folders, and the peer-to-peer recognition forms. Once the brand language was approved, ZOO Media Group brought in its team of designers to provide the fun and engaging visuals.

The results

The Bravo program was born with more than a little fan fare! The new program is being launched this fall and ZOO Media Group is thrilled to have played a role in the development. Through the ongoing collaboration of the creative team at ZOO Media Group and the Human Resources Department for the City of London, the new program is sure to garner rave reviews for many years to come.