DGE Inc. is an alternative energy and energy management solutions company, providing customers with tools to create a financial advantage through energy, fiscal and production efficiencies. It is their goal to help clients increase their bottom line by tapping into hidden energy savings and generating revenue while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.

What they needed

DGE is a family of companies including Rennison Electric, Holman Plumbing Contracting, Selectra Inc., DGE Management and DGE Solar. Wanting to develop a strong brand strategy and web presence for each individual division, DGE was looking to ZOO Media Group to manage the various design and development projects and marketing initiatives.

What we delivered

In addition to creating a new brand identity for all the DGE companies and designing various marketing materials including brochures, sell sheets and case study documents, ZOO designed and launched websites for each division within the DGE family of companies.

The results

Having received rave reviews for their new brand and web presence, DGE is looking to take an already successful family of companies to the next level.  DGE and ZOO Media Group will continue to partner, working together to increase brand awarenes and grow their market share.