McKenzie Zayed

When Dr. Sandra McKenzie made the decision to partner with Dr. Richard Zayed, she knew it was time to update her branding…not to mention the name of her practice. With help from the branding team at ZOO Media Group, Dr. Sandra McKenzie & Associates evolved into McKenzie Zayed, a comprehensive psychological service provider for adults, adolescents and children.

What they needed

The newly formed partnership required a full brand overhaul. Faced with a short deadline and tight budget, Dr. McKenzie and Dr. Zayed hired the branding experts at ZOO Media to champion a revitalized look and feel.

What we delivered

ZOO Media Group provided McKenzie Zayed with a full brand strategy, beginning with a new company name, tag line and brand identity. This process involved the creation of a new company logo as well as the appropriate stationary (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, notepads, etc.). The ZOO team also undertook a number of graphic design projects on behalf of the client, including the creation of a promotional insert. All printing services were undertaken in-house with ZOO to further save the client time, money and frustration

Even though the client elected not to go with a new website, ZOO was able to make room in the budget for a quick and cost-effective re-design. This allowed for the incorporation of new online branding elements, a small step that helped ensure a clean, consistent brand presence both online and off.

The results

The new McKenzie Zayed brand represents a new chapter for this highly regarded mental health provider. Designed with calming, trustworthy blue hues, the symbol meshes naturally and seamlessly, and the flower has that delicate or fragile quality – but seems to blossom to convey hope. The new logo clearly articulates the practice’s approach to compassionate, personalized care. Furthermore, by entrusting ZOO Media Group with all aspects of the project – research, design and printing – McKenzie Zayed was able to avoid any unnecessary delays and subcontractor hassles.