Sykes Assistance Services Corporation Virtual Career Fair

Hands down the best part of our job is that we have the opportunity to work with groups who are in the business of helping others. Take for example: Sykes Assistance Services Corporation. This company works with other businesses to provides them with the professional services that they need. In addition to automotive assistance, financial support, and workplace services, they also offer health care. Since 1997, Sykes has been using modern technology to provide clinical Telehealth services to offer symptom triage, referrals, chronic illness support, information to wellness and prevention programs, and a wide range of health information. Sykes Assistance Services Corporation makes it possible for the employees of the businesses it works with to fully benefit from these services.

Website Development: Virtual Career Fair

Sykes Assistance Services Corporation is an organization that eagerly embraces technology, so it should come as no surprise that they are embarking on an innovative new way of conducting Career Fairs. Traditionally, a Career Fair takes place in a gymnasium, where schools and corporations from all over the country set up a booth and compete for the attention of those walking through the space. While a Career Fair allows you to speak to hundreds of people in one day, the sea of sensory overload that often comes along with it, makes it difficult to interact in a meaningful way with potential new employees.

Enter, The Virtual Career Fair! Starting this month, those who sign up will have a chance to engage in live discussions with the recruiters. They will watch videos and presentations that introduce Sykes Assistance Services Corporation, and learn what it would look like to be a part of the Sykes Assistance Services family. Virtual Career Fairs have many advantages, for example, there are no travel expenses, and registration is free!

Website Features

Before registering in the Career Fair, applicants can learn all about the company. At a typical Career Fair, attendees will interact with hundreds of businesses in one day, many of which they have never heard of! With Sykes Virtual Career Fair, not only will those participating engage in live discussions, but they will also be able to learn about the company, view all current job listing, read the descriptions, and apply online immediately. They will be invited to schedule a live interview, and read the FAQ boards for popular chat questions.

Auto Response Emails

Have you ever sent off a query on a website, and not been entirely sure if it made it through? There will be no room for error with Sykes Assistance Services Career Fair website. As soon an applicant registers for the Career Fair, a “Welcome!” email with all of the pertinent information will be sent. Furthermore, reminder emails will be sent both a week in advance, and one day before the event. Finally, after the Career Fair, registrants will receive a “Thank you!” email that includes a survey about their online experience.

Sykes Assistance Services Corporation is not only revolutionizing the way that their clients receive health, financial, and transportation support, but they are also improving the way they meet their own most valuable resource: their employees!