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Let’s face it, all the strategy, research and media in the world doesn’t mean a thing if your message doesn’t get through to your audience. And to break through, you need innovative, thought-provoking copywriting that reaches out and touches your target audience, creating a positive emotional response. ZOO Media Group clearly understands this fact as it is apparent in every word we write. It takes just the right turn of a phrase, the ideal context, the perfect word to elicit the desired response.

Whether your call to action is a plea, a demand, or simply an offer to provide further information, we will convey your message in a way that is totally unique to you and important to your prospects.

ZOO speaks your company’s brand language and knows how to translate and integrate your message throughout every part and piece of your marketing program. We understand that our job is not simply to create pretty pictures and catchy headlines, but to ensure they sell. Sell your service, sell your product, sell your idea. ZOO Media Group’s London, Ontario creative writers will make it happen.

Our writing services include:

Blog Content Writing

SEO Copywriting

Print Ads

Company Names & Taglines


Press Releases

Packaging Materials

Proof Reading & Translation

Video Scripts

Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire a creative writer?

A professional copywriter can craft copy that persuade readers to believe in your marketing message and your brand rationale. Whether they’re writing for the web or for print, a great copywriter will create content that captures a potential customer’s attention, stimulates their curiosity, and establishes trust… all in a few short sentences!

What sort of copy do the ZOO creative writers create?

The ZOO copywriters have experience writing tons of different kinds of content including press releases, headlines, taglines, brochures, SEO website copywriting, blog content creation, print copy, and other marketing materials.

How does web copywriting differ from regular copywriting?

Web copywriting (also known as SEO copywriting) produces content that appeals to both human readers and search engine robots. In order for your website to reach it’s full potential, it needs to appeal to the emotions of your audience as well as the algorithms of a search engine index. SEO copywriting helps you achieve this through strategically placed keywords, and detailed formatting.

Why does my website need SEO copywriting?

How do the vast majority of your clients search for the services or products you offer? They might use the phonebook, but they’re more likely to check their favourite search engine first. SEO copywriting services incorporate the keywords that your customer’s are searching with into your website content in order to help improve your website rankings and drive customers to your homepage.

How do your SEO copywriters or creative writers gain adequate knowledge to write about my business?

While our London, Ontario copywriters have written on everything from lawncare to aviation insurance, they obviously don’t know EVERYTHING. To understand your business better, and to prepare for the task ahead, we may ask you to complete our ZOO questionnaire that describes your business, industry, and competitors. We will then conduct independent research on your behalf before beginning any writing services.

How long does it take for ZOO to complete copywriting services?

Timeframes vary, and depend on the specifics of the job, how much information you can supply and how long you take to review drafts of the work. The creative writers at ZOO can normally accommodate most deadlines, however there may be an additional charge for rush items.

Who owns the copyright to the print or web copy?

The copy becomes your property once payment has been made in full.

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