Building A ZOO
From the ground up

ZOO Media Group is a London, Ontario based agency that has evolved from a husband and wife team to encompass a menagerie of talented digital craftspeople. Our mission is to build long lasting relationships with our clients. As we uncover the goals of your business, we can work with you to deliver unique strategies that bring meaningful results, while staying on time and on budget.

Our clients are our partners. Our focus is on strong customer-service that builds trust. In fact, 85% of our business partnerships are long-term. We become part of the team; an experienced marketing, creative and web development team that stays on top of the latest trends and technologies.

Whether you're a small startup or an established corporation looking to expand, our team will work collaboratively with you to create a strategy and put the pieces in place to help you reach your goals. ZOO Media Group has worked with clients across North America in retail, business to business and not-for-profit organizations. So regardless of the size or type of organization, our wildly creative ideas bring results!

Our process

We get to know our clients through Interviews and a brief questionnaire. We will also look at industry studies and review client data & analytics at this stage

As we brainstorm with you, we will help you determine the company vision, goals and action-plan

When the pieces start to come together, we will recommend a plan of action, complete with goals and deadlines

Our exceptional team will get to work on creating brand pieces that work together to establish a distinct identity

As the strategy starts to take shape, our team will develop & implement brand experience improvements

Based on the data, our team will create marketing campaigns and provide ongoing stats and analysis

Our difference - Our team

To deliver top-notch results, you need exceptional talent. Our ZOO team is made up of highly skilled, senior-level graphic designers, copywriters, programmers and marketing professionals. Each brings decades of experience to skillfully plan and execute projects to ensure success. Our creative team thrives in challenging environments and consistently focuses on your company’s unique goals and objectives to accomplish results.

Meet the founders

Chris Dugas

Chris Dugas

Partner | Managing Director

"Being able to do something creative for a living is one of life's greatest gifts. Being able to work from home is a close second."

As a Founding Partner and Managing Director at ZOO Media Group, Chris has the experience and the creative intuition to ensure our projects build dynamic identities for our clients and leave a lasting impression. His experience includes project management for major organizations like Proctor & Gamble, MDS and the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation. Chris is also a brand development specialist and the Chief Content Editor at ZOO.

Sandra Dugas

Partner | Marketing & Creative Director

"Great design can motivate, inspire and be a catalyst for changing the way people think."

As a Founding Partner and Marketing & Creative Director at ZOO Media Group, Sandra developed her skills and talents working with industry leaders like 3M, Imperial Oil and The Walt Disney Company. Sandra’s keen eye for innovative marketing strategies has allowed her to manage marketing programs with smaller entrepreneurial ventures as well as multi-channel national campaigns. Sandra ensures all client projects are inspired, engaging and original.

Sandra Dugas

Kobe Dugas


Partner | Occupational Therapist

"Woof. Woof woof, WOOF… woof woof woof."

Kobe Lebron Dugas has played a pivotal role in the development and success of ZOO Media Group. To know Kobe, is to love Kobe. Part mood-enhancing motivational jester and part stress management administrator, Kobe helps keep the ZOO office light and lively. With a sixth sense for approaching thunderstorms and Purolator delivery personnel, Kobe’s love of treats, squeaky toys, long naps and the occasional belly rub helps to remind us all what is truly important in life.

As ZOO Media Group partners with your business, we will become part of your team. We will grow together, sharing the same vision with our sights set on the same goals. We look forward to helping you establish your brand identity and marketing strategy.

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