Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Updated December 26, 2023

Operating a small or midsized business isn’t easy. Your margins are slim, your resources are maxed and, more often than not, you’re the one in charge of doing everything. However, when small business owners insist on handling their own digital marketing, and not outsourcing it to professionals, things can often take a turn for the worst.

The Top 6 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing

It’s funny – most small and medium sized business owners understand the importance of paying for advertising – that very important vehicle that distributes their message. And yet, when it comes to crafting that message, very few business owners fully grasp the value of an expert opinion. This is due in part to many feeling that they can handle the messaging on their own. After all, as the founder of the company, it’s your vision right? Who better to come up with the proper verbiage and value propositions?

While it’s true that you probably can, the real question is whether or not this is a good use of your time. As a business owner, you have enough on your plate to worry about, what with daily operations and tracking down opportunities for future growth. Crafting tight marketing hooks takes time – time that could be spent landing your next client or sealing an important deal.

When you outsource your digital marketing needs to a qualified marketing and branding agency, not only will you benefit from a professional opinion, but you’ll also have more time to focus on other areas of your business.

At ZOO Media Group, we specialize in building brand experience which includes marketing. We live and breathe it, which means we know what it takes to create exceptional campaigns. But that’s not the only benefit.

Here are six other great reasons why outsourcing your digital marketing to experts is the best way to invest in your business:

1.  Less Overhead Costs

It’s much more expensive to have an experience in-house marketing team. Not only does your company have to spend time and money to search and find experienced and passionate people but it will also have to allocate funds to train them, provide benefits and retain them.  All businesses will have operational inefficiencies which will affect the bottom line from employee attrition to changes in priorities.  By outsourcing your marketing to a reliable and experienced team, this will reduce the costs of hiring and retaining staff and also alleviate the risks of operational inefficiencies.

2. It’s a Smarter Use of Resources

As a small or midsized company, chances are good that you too lack in-house marketing, advertising and design expertise. On the other hand, an experienced digital marketing agency like ZOO Media Group, can provide your business with an entire team of knowledgeable individuals. Having outside help to handle this broad area of operations ensures that you are saving your company precious time and money that would otherwise have been squandered sorting through the essential functions of marketing. And to be honest, putting an inexperienced person in charge of your marketing planning and execution could end up costing you a great deal in the long run.

Reasons to outsource your digital marketing services

3. You’ll Enjoy a Fresh Perspective

You pride yourself on knowing your business inside and out. What’s more, you insist that your staff approach it in the same manner. However, when it comes time to market your business, it never hurts to have an outsider’s opinion from experienced marketing professionals. Bringing in a third party to hear their point of view is a great way to ensure that your voice is objective and aimed squarely at the consumer.

4. You Can Get to Market Fast

Identifying, hiring and training staff takes time. Unfortunately, for many rapid growth start-ups, time is more of a luxury than an option. As such, bringing in a professional marketing company is the fastest and most efficient way to get the ball rolling on your product or service launch. What’s more, a professional agency can help you benchmark this process in order to ensure knowledge transfer exists between external and internal capabilities.Reasons to outsource your digital marketing - go to market faster

5. You’re About to Enter a New Channel

Just because you know everything about your current market, doesn’t mean that you can apply that knowledge to a new customer base or industry. Don’t just assume that you know what makes sense when it comes to connecting with a new market or audience. Ask a professional marketing agency to conduct research into your new industry or channel first. This will help point you down the right path for future promotions and product launches.

6. Measured Results Are Made Available

The best part about working with a professional marketing agency? Having the ability to quantify the results of marketing initiatives that are conducted on your behalf. The best agencies will set key performance metrics at the beginning of their campaign in order to properly monitor the performance of any campaigns or outreach programs. So there’s no guessing as to whether or not your approach was a good one.

Final Thoughts

You might still be somewhat reluctant to outsource your digital marketing to another company even after reading these positive reasons. We believe in taking baby steps when establishing a new relationship with a marketing agency. We encourage our new clients to take it slow, by beginning with one project at a time. If you are pleased with the results of the new campaign, then you can outsource more marketing initiatives and increase your budget as your business generates more leads and generates revenue.

As the leading London, Ontario digital marketing agency, we know what our clients need to succeed in today’s competitive business world. From market research and budget management to copywriting, graphic design and web development, our team of talented senior level marketing and creative experts are here to help you make the most of your marketing endeavors. Contact ZOO Media Group today to learn more about our full suite of creative and digital marketing services.